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Asus Padfone 2 UK release date update expected at MWC 2013

Asus will detail if and when the Padfone 2 will be coming to the UK at MWC 2013 Asus is likely to provide an update about the UK release date of its Padfone 2 hybrid device at Mobile World Congress 2013, Know Your Mobile can reveal.? The Padfone 2 is a rather unique concept in […]

HTC One S vs HTC One SV

If you want an HTC One smartphone which should you choose between the One S and One SV? We find out in our head-to-head comparison We find out which is better between HTC’s new One SV and its existing One S model. Form HTC One S – 130.9x65x7.8mm, 119g HTC One SV – 128×66.9×9.2mm, 122g […]

8-inch Samsung Galaxy Note on the cards for MWC 2013

JK Shin, Samsung’s Head of Mobile, has reportedly just confirmed that Samsung will launch an 8-inch Galaxy Note device at MWC 2013 A Korean news source has claimed that Samsung will launch an 8-inch Galaxy Note device at Mobile World Congress 2013. According to iNews24, Samsung’s Head of Mobile, JK Shin, confirmed that we would […]

Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 drive huge Q4 2012 profits for Samsung

Samsung has posted some ginormous profits for Q4 2012 thanks to strong sales for its Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, and Galaxy Note 2 handsets Samsung’s Q4 profits, thanks in no small part to sales of its Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3, were massive. The company posted $8.25 billion in operating profit and around $52.45 […]

Phones4U announces LIFE Mobile network with 4G on the way

Phones4U has announced its LIFE Mobile network which will include 4G services this year Phones4U has announced it will launch its own mobile network from March which will start with 3G and bump up to include 4G later in the year. The network is called LIFE Mobile and will run on EE’s existing 3G infrastructure, […]

How to conserve mobile data on your Nokia Lumia 920

We show you how to conserve mobile data on your Nokia Lumia 920 The Nokia Lumia 920 is a great phone, which allows you to get online in a variety of ways, from emails to social networking to looking things up on Wikipedia, and once you’ve had a Lumia 920 for a while, you’ll start […]

Samsung Galaxy Items: Uncommon rush is the direct route to problem

A hurried task. Poorly accomplished. Fast. These are all the stuff Samsung’s Universe Gear should not happen to be.. Remember fondly the overdue nineties when every single technical organization in the world supplied a music player? Which is occurring all over again, only this time with all the smartwatch. So when history generally repeat themselves, […]