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Hidden control buttons in iOS 6.1 hint at music streaming service

Apple might be working on a music streaming service according to hidden files within iOS 6.1 Users who’ve jailbroken their iOS 6.1 iPads have discovered rather intriguing evidence suggesting Apple could be working on a music streaming service. Hidden inside the Music app there is a set of ‘radio button’ files with a familiar icon […]

Apple patents cheap iPhone design with no Home button

Apple has filed a patent proposal for a plastic iPhone with no Home button Apple has filed a patent for an iPhone with no Home button. Is this the first real evidence that it is working on a cheaper iPhone model? Perhaps. The United States Patent & Trademark Office recently detailed patent No. 8,364,032, which […]

BlackBerry 10 features: Everything you need to know

BlackBerry 10 has just officially launched so we’ve put together a guide to all the features you need to know about BlackBerry 10 has just been announced so we’re going to run through the platform’s new and best features to give you all the information you need. First up, although admittedly slightly tangential: RIM is […]