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Huawei Ascend P2 leak shows white version and 13-megpapixel camera

Huawei’s Ascend P2 flagship has leaked online ahead of MWC showing a white variant and a 13-megapixel camera Photos have leaked online showing a white version of the forthcoming Ascend P2 Android flagship from Huawei. The images come via GizChina and reveal that the camera is rated at 13-megapixels with a ‘FHD’ label indicating Full […]

Samsung’s REX handsets aim to hit Nokia where it hurts

Samsung takes aim at the feature phone market with ultra-cheap Java-powered REX handsets Samsung has unveiled a series of new handsets aimed at securing a better foothold in emerging markets – the lucrative territory currently dominated by Nokia. The handsets will carry the brand name REX and are designed at stealing away market share from […]

How much would Apple’s HDTV cost if it existed?

One analyst has predicted big things for Apple’s HDTV and iWatch, despite neither products existing in an official capacity Reports that Apple is working on an HDTV and an iWatch device are almost as persistent the ones which claim it’s building a cheaper iPhone. And now one analyst has taken things even farther by estimating […]

Nvidia launches Tegra 4i with integrated LTE

Nvidia has launched its first quad-core mobile processor with an integrated LTE chip While the world was busy gearing up for the HTC One launch event, Nvidia quietly unveiled its first quad-core mobile processor with built in LTE. Called the Tegra 4i and featuring 60 custom GPU cores, the new mobile processor will be landing […]

How to save content to the cloud on Nokia Lumia 820

We show you how to back your Nokia Lumia 820 up to the cloud Ah the Cloud, that wonderful place where we can save your music and photos, share content and, more importantly, back-up our devices without having to go to the trouble of dragging, dropping and labelling all of our important stuff. Nokia’s Lumia […]

HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

We take a look at how the HTC One compares to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 The HTC One packs a high-grade unibody design, a lightning quick Qualcomm processor and a gorgeous display. It is a premium-grade handset through and through.? Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is the revamped second iteration of the company’s stylus-driven ‘phablet’ concept. […]

Nexus 4 gets Android 4.2.2 update and removes unofficial 4G

The Nexus 4 is now receiving an over-the-air update bringing Android up to 4.2.2 Android 4.2.2 is now rolling out over-the-air (OTA) to the Nexus 4. The update is primarily a bugfix patch, mainly addressing issues with Bluetooth audio streaming and a few other minor hiccups. In terms of functionality, it does add some quick […]

iPhone 5S will looks the same as iPhone 5 claims analyst

Apple’s next iPhone will be the iPhone 5S and it’ll look like the iPhone 5 Apple’s next premium iPhone, which may be the iPhone 5S, will feature the same exterior build as the current-generation iPhone 5 according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty. Apple recently filed documents with the US Securities and Exchange Commission which […]