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How to secure your Nexus 4 using screen lock and face unlock

We explain how to secure your Nexus 4 with a screen lock or the face unlock feature The Nexus 4 is back in stock on the Google Play Store and the device is a steal at just ?239, but one drawback with these powerful, yet budget-friendly devices is that they’re distinctive and will likely catch […]

Sony Xperia SP review and latest prices

Tech Specs VideoSee Deals We take an in-depth look at Sony’s Xperia SP smartphone Rating: 4Typical Price:?250.00Latest Prices:Sony XPERIA SP deals & Sony XPERIA SP pricesPros:Great build and design, Excellent screen, 4G, Long battery life, expandable storage, decent performance and cameraCons:Low onboard storage, Camera noise, Smudgy screenVerdict:A very well executed mid-range package. Gives the Google […]

Nokia Lumia 1000 EOS PureView could debut P2i waterproofing

Nokia is working with P2i, meaning the Lumia EOS may be waterproof Nokia’s rumoured forthcoming flagship, the Lumia 1000 EOS with PureView camerea tech, could be the first production device to debut P2i waterproofing technology showcased at MWC 2013. P2i’s self-named technology is a nano-coating which works at a molecular level to effectively ‘bounce’ liquids […]

Asus Fonepad review: hands-on first look

We go hands on with Asus’ Fonepad, a 7-inch Intel-powered Android tablet with 3G data and call capability Asus’ Fonepad caught everyone by surprise at this year’s Mobile World Congress – it’s a tablet, but not as we know it, because it’s also a phone. We’ve been lucky enough to get some solo hands-on time […]

Sony Xperia Z review [updated]

Tech Specs VideoSee Deals We review the Sony Xperia Z after living with the waterproof 1080p super phone for a week Rating: 4Typical Price:?599.00Pros:Full HD display looks stunning; Water and dust resistant; Classical design; Refined UI; Fantastic camera UI.Cons:Port flaps can be annoying; Call quality isn’t great; Mediocre battery life;Camera images are heavily processed; Gets […]

Nokia Lumia PureView EOS: Nokia launch rumours for MWC 2013

What has Nokia got in store for Mobile World Congress? We check out the rumours to see what sound plausible There’s been a lot of talk of a Nokia Windows tablet for some time now and it is possible the company will finally enter tablet territory at Mobile World Congress shortly. However, some analysts don’t […]