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Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked photos? Let’s hope not: Mobile Talk

Are the leaked Galaxy S4 pictures real? Hopefully not, argues Paul Briden With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 only days away it’s perhaps unsurprising that tipsters chose now to leak pictures of the forthcoming and much-anticipated flagship. The immediate reaction from many will be one of suspicion, which isn’t entirely unjustified, but I’m […]

Samsung design chief tries to justify plastic Galaxy S4 body

The Galaxy S4’s repeated design doesn’t matter because the experience is richer, argues Samsung design chief Samsung’s design chief has spoken out against criticisms of the Galaxy S4’s physical design. Speaking at Engadget’s Expand conference, design chief Dennis Miloseski excused Samsung’s use of plastic material for its premium-priced flagship handset saying that build quality and […]

Welcome to the new Know Your Mobile

Know Your Mobile has had a well-deserved makeover Welcome to the new Know Your Mobile. In addition to having a lick of paint and looking a little different, we’ve also added a whole load of new features to make the experience much better and simpler for you. Here’s a low down of what’s new. The […]

iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 A7 processor in the works at TSMC

TSMC is currently working on Apple’s next-gen A7 chip for 2014 A new rumour claims Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is readying Apple’s next-gen A7 processor chip which may see the light of day inside the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. The news comes via Digitimes, which cites anonymous ‘industry sources’ who say the chip […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen size debate slams 6.3-inch display

Rumours of a huge screen on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 could be wide of the mark The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hasn’t even been unveiled and already there are myriad debates surrounding the device, the most recent of which has been over the upcoming phablet’s screen size. Many folks on the internet have apparently become […]

HTC One delayed for UK until March 29

The HTC One has been delayed in the UK until the end of March The shiny new HTC One has been officially delayed for launch in the UK from its original date of March 15 until March 29. UK retailer Clove, which was taking pre-orders on the handset, posted an announcement updating the availability status, […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the world’s fastest smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S4 deemed world’s fastest smartphone, laying waste to iPhone 5 and HTC One UPDATE:?The UK version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will now be carrying Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 processor. The Samsung Galaxy S4, thanks to its 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, has been crowned the fastest smartphone in the world, fending off […]

iPhone 5S and iPad 5 may have processors made by Intel

Apple could be looking to Intel for its processor production on new iDevices Apple has apparently been in talks with Intel to discuss the possibility of a chip manufacturing deal, sources claim. According to a report from Reuters, an anonymous source ‘close to one of the companies’ revealed that executives have been in talks for […]

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini fight back in Q4 2012

Apple is closing in on the world’s largest mobile tech manufacturer, Samsung, thanks to surge in demand for its iPhone 5 and iPad Mini IDC figures suggest Apple is closing in on the world’s largest smartphone and tablet manufacturer, Samsung, thanks to a surge in demand for its iPhone 5 and iPad Mini during Q4 […]

How to backup and restore data on your Sony Xperia Z

We show you how to manage backups on your Sony Xperia Z Sony’s Xperia Z is up there with the very best devices on the market. It’s fast, slick and boasts one of the nicest 5-inch displays we’ve ever clapped eyes on. The device shouldn’t run into any issues as it’s driven by Google’s stable […]