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iPhone 5S release date pegged for Q2, hits production this quarter

Apple will begin mass-production of its iPhone 5S this quarter for a release date in Q2 The iPhone 5S will reportedly hit production this quarter in order to hit a scheduled Q2 (summer) release date, according to reports. The company is also believed to be prepping a cheaper model for launch too. The news comes […]

Microsoft Google Glass competitor could launch in 2014

Microsoft glasses could arrive in 2014 Microsoft may launch its own Google Glass rival next year, according to comments from one analyst. Speaking to investors, Brian White said he believes Microsoft has plans to introduce a wearable Google Glass-like device in 2014 and emphasised that Google’s launch of its glasses product ‘will kick off a […]

iOS 7: big overhaul, but now running behind schedule

Tipped to debut aboard the iPhone 5S, iOS 7 is expected to be the overhaul you’ve been waiting for Apple’s iOS 7 will feature some major changes, according to reports, but is currently running behind schedule. So much so that engineers have apparently been pulled over from the forthcoming OS X 10.9 update to speed […]

Apple’s new tech will save your eyes from damage

Apple has patented a new system which will prevent light-based damage to the eye Apple has secured a patent for a new display technology that stops your eyes being damaged by over exposure to light.? The patented tech will protect a your eyes from what Apple terms ‘luminescent shock’ – or, ‘when the device comes […]